Using advanced risk management tools and links to credit agencies, Masterpayment can check the validity of customer data and credit standing during the payment. Together, we can tailor the comprehensiveness of the risk assessments to your customer structure and the chosen payment method. By doing so, we can prevent fraud and get the best conversion rate.

Thanks to sophisticated fraud protection, online shops are secure against fraud. There are many risk, credit and IP checks available, including 3DSecure. As a payment service provider, Masterpayment offers risk management systems that automatically check the payment data and the end client for each transaction. These are ‘intelligent’ systems that specifically carry out the exact risk assessments necessary for each individual transaction. This varies depending on the merchant’s industry and the characteristics of the end customer.



  • 3D Secure (Mastercard Secure Code, Verified by Visa, Amex Safekey)
  • GEO-/IP address check
  • BIN-Check
  • Credit card check
  • Velocity Check
  • Individual black lists
  • Credit check / credit agencies
  • Detecting anonymous proxies and satellite connections
  • AVS – Address Verification Service
  • Fraud Engine


  • Optimised conversion rate
  • Fraud prevention
  • Integrated risk management
  • Reliable turnover