Setup yourself with Masterpayment
for your e-commerce business.

Whether start-up or expert. EU payment flat rate or individual customer packages – Masterpayment has the right solution for every shop!

The ideal entry pack for your start-up!
No basic fee – beginner package
The ideal payment package for experts!
All popular payment methods from a single source at top conditions
Only 0.7% disagio for the credit card!
No additional transaction costs
Basic fee




MasterCard, Visa and American Express 2,68% Disagio and 26 Cent TRX 0,88% Disagio and 19 Cent TRX 0,7% Disagio
Sofort. 0,96% Disagio and 0,26 Cent TRX 0,96% Disagio and 0,15 Cent TRX 0,96% Disagio and 0,15 Cent TRX
SEPA 0,50% Disagio and 0,26 Cent TRX 0,50% Disagio and 0,15 Cent TRX 0,50% Disagio and 0,15 Cent TRX
Giropay 0,90% Disagio and 0,26 Cent TRX 0,90% Disagio and 0,15 Cent TRX 0,90% Disagio and 0,15 Cent TRX

E-commerce payment from a single source

For Europe and Asia (such as CUP, JCB, Alipay and WeChat Pay), MASTERPAYMENT supplies all payment methods from a single source. With the acquiring bank in its own house and its own gateway, MASTERPAYMENT offers mostly market-best conditions. Barrier-free integration of Inventory management system and all shop systems, such as Magento, plentymarkets, xt:Commerce or OXID. German-language customer service and fast onboarding complete the service package.

  • Quick Onboarding

  • English-speaking customer service

  • All common payment methods for Europe

  • Acquiring Bank in-house, sophisticated own payment gateway

  • Barrier-free integration of Enterprise Resource Planning and shop systems

  • Payout in EUR, GBP, USD, CHF and 10 other settlement currencies

  • Now new for Asia: CUP, JCB, Alipay and WeChat Pay at any time bookable

logobar-american-express pricing online payment - logobar american express - PRICING
logobar-bancontact pricing online payment - logobar bancontact - PRICING
logobar-diners pricing online payment - logobar diners - PRICING
logobar-giropay pricing online payment - logobar giropay - PRICING
logobar-ideal pricing online payment - logobar ideal - PRICING
logobar-jcb pricing online payment - logobar jcb - PRICING
logobar-master-card pricing online payment - logobar master card - PRICING
logobar-paypal pricing online payment - logobar paypal - PRICING
logobar-sepa pricing online payment - logobar sepa - PRICING
logobar-unionpay pricing online payment - logobar unionpay - PRICING
logobar-visa pricing online payment - logobar visa - PRICING

Would you like to get more information?

We would be pleased to arrange a personal phone call with you to explain in detail how MASTERPAYMENT can support your company.


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