We focus on optimising working capital for our clients. In short, we want to help our clients create liquidity for growth. Without the customary security deposits and with a reduction in payouts and waiting periods, Masterpayment is not only able to grant its clients liquidity advantages, but is also able to go one step further. We offer stable online shops interesting preliminary financing opportunities through our group’s bank. We have discovered that even ecommerce companies that experience rapid growth and have an excellent position in the market fall through classic bank screenings due to their business model and/or not being in business long enough. Furthermore, granting credit at classic banks is often slow and inflexible. At the same time, cash flow for financing inventory, faster logistics and better online marketing is what drives growth for ecommerce businesses.

For online businesses that process payments with Masterpayment, we offer an integrated purchasing and product financing service: Finetrading.
This is a flexible form of financing, which employs a trading transaction instead of a bank credit. We step in case-by-case acting legally as a middleman between the shop owner and his supplier and finance the negotiated order of goods. We pay the supplier immediately; whereas the shop owner receives a twelve-month credit period from us. In this way, a shop owner pays for his goods long after he has received the money from his client and after the return period has elapsed. This is an easy way to finance growth in the online sector.

Unlike factoring, we start one step earlier in the economic cycle. We do not take over the later receivables sold, but we do the financing for ordering goods with which the production and actual sales are guaranteed.

And you do all of this in your Merchant Cockpit: set purchasing limits quickly without obligation. Afterwards simply upload the relevant supplier invoices into your cockpit and manage your purchasing limit. Decisions about purchasing limits of up to €20,000 are made within seconds. Of course we have more comprehensive product purchasing financing available. We can guarantee purchasing limits from up to €1.5 million within 24 hours.

The benefits to you as a shop owner are clear:

  • This kind of financing is easy and flexible, does not require any assets as a credit deposit and is suitable for sales at home and abroad. The shop owner is free to decide on a case-by-case basis (for individual supplier invoices) whether he/she wants to finance individual commercial transactions or not.
  • Simple processing in the Merchant Cockpit.
  • The shop can optimise its liquidity by appearing as an immediate payer and benefiting from cash discounts.

With this form of financing, you maintain financial flexibility in terms of other forms of financing with the in-house bank and financial scores remain the same.