Masterpayment provides payment processing for ecommerce shops.

Masterpayment is a member of the Bank Frick Group, we accept and process all current payment methods for your ecommerce shop with our own acquiring solution.

We combine the core capabilities of an acquirer with those of a payment service provider and the preliminary financing opportunities of a bank in order to optimise your working capital.

Competitive Fees

Excellent, best market conditions. Completely transparent, comprehensive, simple.

Quick payments, easy invoicing

No security retainer, short-term payouts, combines all payment methods.

Working capital financing

Merchants who have a payment history with us can access our merchant cash advance function and grow quickly.


Masterpayment combines the core capabilities of an acquirer with those of a payment service provider and adds the regulatory possibilities (loans) of a renowned bank into our service portfolio.

With such a set up, we offer ecommerce shops comprehensive integration possibilities, automated processes, working capital financing and a whole combination of payment methods in one package.


If you are looking for a payment service provider, Masterpayment is the perfect partner for your online shop. We offer all the current payment methods such as MasterCard, VISA, AMEX, VPay, IDEAL, GIROPAY, direct debit, SEPA, SOFORT, PayPal etc.

Alongside classic payment methods, our own payment platform can also integrate alternative payment methods such as purchase on account or in instalments from leading providers as well as specific international payment methods.

For all established shop systems, Masterpayment has the necessary modules and extensions. You can either download and install them when they are available or activate them directly in the shop system by going to the admin section. It doesn’t matter if you use xt:commerce, Drupal, Magento, Afterbuy, Plentymarkets, Smartstore or Oxid, Masterpayment has the right module for you.

Independently developed online shops can use the integration manual for integration. Merchants who need help with integration can take advantage of our free technical support. And if that should not be sufficient, then Masterpayment is connected to a large network of service providers who take care of customization when necessary.

Using advanced risk management tools and links to credit agencies, Masterpayment can check the validity of customer data and credit standing during the payment. Together, we can tailor the comprehensiveness of the risk assessments to your customer structure and the chosen payment method. By doing so, we can prevent fraud and get the best conversion rate.

We can offer excellent, for the most part even the best, market conditions for online payment processing, because we are lean, efficient and highly automated. We also have our own payment platform and our acquirer is in house. Therefore, we supply all the elements of the payment value chain to the advantage of our clients.

Masterpayment provides online shop owners with easy and quick access to invoicing data and reduces accounting efforts. Consolidating all payment streams into one invoice and collecting all the money from each type of payment and making one payout further lowers reduces efforts and makes life easier for shop owners.

EPA reporting files, a standard data format of credit card acquirers, supply an electronic copy of all the card payments and allow automatic reconciliation of payments with the accounting system. This greatly reduces the effort put into account reconciliation as well as the potential for mistakes.


We focus on optimising working capital for our clients. In short, we want to help our clients create liquidity for growth. Without the customary security deposits and with a reduction in payouts and waiting periods, Masterpayment is not only able to grant its clients liquidity advantages, but is also able to go one step further.

We offer stable online shops interesting preliminary financing opportunities through our group’s bank. We have discovered that even ecommerce companies that experience rapid growth and have an excellent position in the market fall through classic bank screenings due to their business model and/or not being in business long enough.

Furthermore, granting credit at classic banks is often slow and inflexible. At the same time, cash flow for financing inventory, faster logistics and better online marketing is what drives growth for ecommerce businesses.


Masterpayment, a member of the Bank Frick Group, was founded in 2010 and has subsidiaries in Germany, the UK and Liechtenstein. In our service portfolio, Masterpayment combines the technical abilities of a payment service provider with the commercial leeway of a credit card acquirer and financing possibilities of a regulated fully licensed bank

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