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Masterpayment has a unique and very fair approach. Thanks to our growth rate we continuously adjust our rates for you. Masterpayment is the long term partner of choice.

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Test our demo gateway. It is really easy, with only a few steps you can test your first payments. Rest assured, the integration into your existing online shop, or mobile app is as easy.

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Easy, user friendly, innovative

The merchant cockpit keeps you updated on your payments. Keep tracks of transactions, revenue, conversion rates and a lot more. Intuitively manage risk settings, charge backs, refunds. Always full transparency with your contracts and rates.

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Satisfaction guarantee

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The ideal payment provider

Masterpayment is the perfect partner for webshops looking for an all in one solution, offering all solutions like credit card, debit payments, invoice payments, down payments, rate payments and others. For every shop system Masterpayment offers modules and extensions. It doesn’t matter whether you use Magento, Drupal, xt:commerce, afterbuy, plentymarkets, smartstore or Oxid - Masterpayment has a fully working solution ready. If you face problems when integrating the modules, we offer top service, adjusting our modules if required. The rates for accepting credit card payments are highly competitive. Debit payments, invoice payments usually include a payment guarantee. Thanks to highly advanced anti fraud mechanisms we reduce charge backs to a minimum. Thus we also offer a guarantee if needed.

The payment specialist.

Additionally to classic payment methods such as credit card, direct debit, invoice purchase, or similar, Masterpayment also offers solutions like down payment, rate purchase. You can choose the options you want your customers to be able to use. I.e. you can choose that every payment requires a 25% down payment, then set the remaining dues to be paid in rates, or as whole when the product has been delivered. Masterpayment combines all the options in one solution. Furthermore it is very simple to offer subscriptions for credit cards.

Security is our highest concern

Security is our highest concern. In case needed, masterpayment offers a guarantee of payment. Security is ensured by highest level encryption standards, as well as compliance with regulatory standards. The gateway and all integrated payment methods are fully encrypted. As a payment service provider, Masterpayment uses a system that automatically performs intelligent security checks when accepting payments. Each transaction is individually evaluated to then offer the customer custom tailored payment options. If a German merchant delivering physical good transacts a payment for a German customer, security checks are different than for an american merchant, transacting a Chinese customer. The system aggregates all data intelligently from thousands for merchants generating more than 1 billion transactions.

International network of payment options

Webshops operating globally, dealing with customers abroad need a payment provider that integrates a variety of different services. Direct debit in UK, or BPK in Poland, ideal in the Netherlands, or Carte Bleue in France - Masterpayment combines the best services. Webshops can easily use our software to offer the best services for their customers. Increase generated revenue.

Easy and competitive pricing

Masterpayment offers all payment solutions for all shop systems. Webshops can download the extension (i.e. Magento, Oxid, Drupal, xt:commerce, shopware). Afterwards proceed and activate your payment options on our admin area with a few clicks. Merchants with individually programmed online shops can use our integration manual to get going.

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